Jermaine McNeal

Jermaine was born Jermaine Edward McNeal in Houston, Texas and relocated to Washington, DC in 2007, then later settled in New York.
He studied Finance at University of Houston, and later graduated with a bachelors from Georgetown University (Washington,DC).


While continuing to focus on his Modeling career and working in Accounting Jermaine landed his first acting opportunity from a Director that saw him as an Actor/Model, and not a Model/Actor.
Although never having formally studied acting, or ever being casted for a film, Jermaine acting ability shined through as a natural Actor.

After completing his very first acting project, which could now be seen on local Television, and DVD Jermaine has found a new passion and has continued to pursue a career in Acting. Jermaine then focused on formal training to perfect his new found interest.

Since the beginning of Jermaine's acting career, he has been apart of TV productions, Film productions, Commercial Productions and Theater Productions, and he continue to brand his name, Jermaine McNeal.

As a SAG actor, Jermaine's focus is to continue to improve his acting range while gaining the opportunity to work with creative
directors. Jermaine is willing to push the limits that will make him a better and more successful actor in Hollywood.